5 Ways Your Skin is Aging Early

Graceful aging can be promoted through a healthy lifestyle, but a few seemingly small slip ups might be aging your skin prematurely. Here are 5 ways you might be damaging your skin, without realizing it…

Are You Skipping Sunscreen?

Make no mistake, this is the number one way to put skin aging into high gear. Sunscreen is vital to protecting your skin cells from the harmful ultraviolet radiation which comes from the sun’s rays. Now, most of us are pretty religious about applying sunscreen if we have a day at the pool or the beach ahead of us, but it turns out, that’s not good enough. Most dermatologists recommend that you make sunscreen a daily habit, regardless of how much time you plan on spending outdoors. And don’t forget to apply it to your hands and neck too!

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Everyone’s had a night of tossing and turning now and then. The following morning, you’ve probably noticed that you look… well, less than your best. Dark circles and a dull complexion often follow us around the morning after we’ve stayed up too late, but skimping on sleep regularly can lead to more serious problems. Sleep is a vital time of repair and rejuvenation for your skin cells. When you prioritize sleep, you allow your body more time to promote healthy skin.

Are You Using Harsh Acne Treatments?

Many adult women can be frustrated by the appearance of pimples. Wasn’t this all supposed to go away once our teenage years were over? Because many women have so little patience for breakouts, some tends to go for particularly harsh products in an effort to rid themselves of the blemishes as quickly as possible. The problem is, many acne treatments contain acids or alcohols that can over dry and irritate your skin. Your best bet is to maintain a consistent skincare routine, and understand that breakouts can happen at any point in life. The gentler you are with your skin, the healthier it will be over all.

Are You Sleeping with Your Makeup On?

If you have been out late at a party or club with your friends, and you come home tired to the bone, take the two extra minutes it requires to completely remove your makeup before tumbling into bed. Sleeping with makeup on leads to clogged pores, and irritated spots. If you do not give your skin the opportunity to “breathe” properly overnight, you are stacking the deck against yourself.

Are You Approaching Your Skincare Systemically?

When it comes to moisturizers and makeup removers, obviously those are topical skin treatments. However, healthy skin begins on the inside – your entire system needs to be healthy in order to promote healthy skin. Check out the YouTonics skincare solution available at Bauer Nutrition for an example of a great product meant to promote healthy skin systemically. By delivering a combination of collagen, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, and important amino acids, it feels your system with everything it needs to revitalize and repair skin damage.


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