Make up Like a Pro: Top Tips for Hiding Wrinkles

Ah, your old standbys… the makeup which helps you conceal breakouts, even out skin tone, and even helps with under-eye circles! But why, oh why doesn’t it work the same way for fine lines and wrinkles?

As we age, our skin begins to leave little creases and crinkles at the corners of our eyes, across our foreheads, and along our cheeks where we smile. Many say that wrinkles are a sign of a life well lived, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want them on display all the time.

Here are some tricks to tone down their appearance, and give your skin a smoother and more youthful look.

Never Skip the Moisturizer or Sunscreen

The number one way to make fine lines and wrinkles appear deeper and more dramatic is to deprive your skin of moisture.

You need to use an SPF moisturizer whatever your skin type, be it dry, normal, sensitive, or oily; just make sure it’s best suited to your skin, and use it every day.

Keep a close eye on things like seasonal changes, as you may need a much heavier moisturizer in the winter and a lighter one in the summer. Get into the habit of using both a day and night cream, and remember to give this routine several weeks before judging the results.

Get Friendly with Makeup Primer

A silicone-based makeup primer will help provide a good base on which you can build the rest of your makeup look. The silicone helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, allowing your foundation to glide over the top, rather than settling in.

To apply, use either a foundation brush, or your fingers. A sponge will merely soak up the product not to mention potentially soak up moisture from your skin.


Don’t Ignore Your Neck

Having a flawless face but a wrinkled neck is not a good look, so remember to smooth your makeup moisturizer, and primer down past your jawline, and onto your neck.

Do Your Prep in Natural Light

Rule of thumb: if it looks good in broad daylight, it will look good everywhere else too.

Broad daylight is the least forgiving type of light there is, so try to mimic it as much as possible when applying your makeup. If you can’t necessarily scoot up to a sunny window every morning, consider buying an LED-lit makeup mirror. Some of these lights are bright enough (10,000+ lumens) to offer a pretty good facsimile of natural sunlight.

Go Easy on the Foundation

Remember, you are not trying to spackle drywall or put icing on a cake. Piling on too much foundation can actually enhance the look of wrinkles, rather than cover them over. Why? Well, for one thing, makeup tends to settle in your creases, creating darker lines and shadows which just scream “there is a wrinkle right here!”

For another thing, remember that your face moves all day. Every time you speak, smile, or sneeze, overly thick, caked-on makeup can actually crack along your fine lines and wrinkles, making them look much more dramatic than they actually are.

Keep it light and translucent.

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Skip the Powder if You Can

Powder can actually highlight your creases even more than foundation does. If at all possible, try to skip it or at least keep it very light.

If you are afraid of being overly shiny, consider switching to a smoothing matte foundation, or perhaps using a quick spritz of setting spray instead of powder. These should work just fine.

Line Your Lips

Applying a lip liner helps to prevent that terrible “feathering” effect where your lipstick bleeds away from your lips and settles into your fine lines. Apply lip liner that is similarly colored to your lipstick, and apply it first. This line acts as a seal keeping your lipstick where you want it.

Remember, your skin has different needs now than it did 10, 15, 20 years ago. Your biggest obstacle may simply be the fact that you have not updated your skin care routine to account for fine lines and wrinkles. Following these tips should bring you right back up to speed.


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