The Eyes Have It! 7 Makeup Tips for Younger-Looking Eyes

Think about all the eye contact you make in a day. Everyone, from your partner to your barista and office mates gets a look at those peepers, so it’s no wonder that some women begin to feel self-conscious when crinkles start showing up at the edges.

Never fear! For one thing, laugh lines are the sign of a life well lived, and for another, they can be made less noticeable with these simple tricks…

1: Use the Right Moisturizer

The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate, and it can begin showing signs of age or exhaustion quickly. Baby this skin by using the correct type of moisturizers. Look for something with an SPF of at least 15 for daytime wear (even if it’s cloudy), and a richer, more serious moisture treatment for applying at night.

2: Use a Primer

Not only will a primer help your eye makeup look better and last longer into the day, it can also act as a base concealer. Primer can help to cover small imperfections, and prevent foundation or concealer from getting into your creases.

3: Use a Light Concealer

By using a concealer shade that is a touch lighter than your natural skin tone, you’ll create a brightening effect all around your eyes. This lighter shade will help to mask dark circles and shadows.

4: Avoid Powder

When using powder to set your makeup, avoid using any on your eyelids or directly under your eyes. Powder absorbs the natural oils in your skin which is good for keeping your foundation in check, but it can really enhance any lines around your eyes.

5: Groom and Enhance Your Brows

If you’re worried that your brows look a bit unruly, you can help sculpt them into a more flattering shape. A nice, natural arch is best, so be careful not to overdo it. As we age, our eyebrows may become lighter, making our eyes less defined. So restore the color and add some lift with a brow pencil.

6: Get Your Beauty Sleep

So many women say that their eyes look tired, and then try to cake on makeup to hide it. But in many cases, it’s not that they merely look tired, it’s because they are tired. Nothing ages you faster than poor sleep habits. Make sleep a priority, and remember to elevate your head at night to help avoid puffy eyes in the morning.

7: Lash Out

Your eyes will look dazzling with some lengthening mascara, especially when applied at the outer corners of your top lids. Unfortunately, as we age, our lashes can get brittle. The best approach is to treat them with a nourishing formula to maintain their quality and encourage new growth. The Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accelerator available from Bauer does just that!

Healthier and younger-looking eyes can be achieved with relatively little effort. This is definitely one of those instances where the term “less is more” can be applied. Just remember to treat that delicate skin with the proper care.


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