Should You Invest in a Personal Trainer?


Personal trainers aren’t just people who yell and scream to get you to do an extra set of jumping jacks. They are fitness professionals trained to assist and educate you on how to properly exercise to achieve your fitness goals. Some are also trained and registered dieticians.

It can be expensive to hire a trainer, but the question to ask yourself is if it’s worth it. Now, some situations many not call for a visit to the pros, but others definitely fit the bill. If you’re wondering when it’s time to invest in a personal trainer, then here are some general guidelines to follow.

You’ve Hit a Results Plateau

If you’re working out and just not seeing the results that you were getting, then you’ve hit a plateau and could use the the assistance of a personal trainer. When this happens, a trainer can help you come up with a plan that will enable you to get back to seeing results, or explain to you what you should expect from your workout going forward. When most people hit a plateau, they give up all together, but this time is critical to the success of your fitness goals, and your next steps will determine the outcome. A trainer in this situation is your best choice.

You Want to Diversify Your Workout

Sometimes workouts can become boring and mundane. When you’ve tried everything you can imagine and you’re still dissatisfied, call a trainer. Fitness professionals know all sorts of exercises that you could perform, many of which you probably have never tried. Diversity in your workout can lead to increased weight loss, and more enjoyment while working to achieve your fitness goals.

You Have Special Health Concerns

If you have special health concerns, you should definitely consider a trainer over just exercising on a whim. People who suffer from sprains or are recovering from broken limbs should be very careful about the type of exercises that they perform. Personal trainers can help you cautiously work out the affected areas without the risk of further hurting them. People who are are moderately or morbidly obese can also benefit from hiring a professional versus following the latest fads in diet and exercise.

You Need an Extra Push

Keeping up with your diet and fitness goals can be hard. A personal trainer can be your accountability partner. They can give you the extra push or motivation you need to get out of bed in the morning and head to the gym, or encourage you to plan your meals instead of eating on the go. When you choose a trainer, ask if they can be part of your day to day schedule, and perhaps call or text to check on you in the middle of the day.

How to Pick a Trainer

Take time to interview a few trainers before making your final choice. You will become close with this person, and you want them to be the type of individual that makes you comfortable when you’re working together. This doesn’t mean your trainer should be a pushover, or not show concern when you don’t follow the schedule. Decide whether you’re more relaxed working with a man or woman, and take into consideration any other special areas of diet and fitness that the person is trained in. Also, you should ask for references. A good trainer should have plenty of clients to back them up. However, if the person is new, you could still give them a try – just trust your gut.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or just strengthen certain areas of your body, a personal trainer is the perfect choice to help kick start your fitness goals. Not everyone will need professional help, but when you recognize that you do, don’t hesitate to seek out someone that’s right for you.


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