7 Signs You Need to Drink More Water


If you’re tired all the time or have frequent headaches, stress may not be the culprit. You could be suffering from dehydration. When  you suspect that lack of water may be the underlying cause for some of your discomforts, here are seven signs to look for right away.

Extreme Thirst

One of the first signs of dehydration is extreme thirst. When this happens, you could drink several glasses of water and still feel like you need more. It’s bad when you get to this point, as your body is pretty much telling you that you’re depleted of water. Take your time rehydrating, as you don’t want to drink too much too fast.


Feeling tired and sluggish is a sign you need to drink more water. Your body uses water to flush out toxins. When this doesn’t happen efficiently, the side effects include lack of energy. Water is also necessary for the cell renewal process. So, if you’re barely able to work  a full eight  hours without needing a nap, you should look to increase your water consumption.


Your body uses water to weigh down the bowels and produce regular bowel movements. When you don’t have enough water in your body, constipation is almost always a present sign. Rehydrating will help with this, but it will take a while for your body to respond, as water will first be used by other parts of the body that need it. If you remain dehydrated, you could end up with other medical conditions like a  blocked colon or hemorrhoids.

Dry Skin and Eyes

When  you really don’t know if  you’re dehydrated, just take a quick look at your skin and eyes. If your eyes burn from dryness, and your skin flakes and is not supple, then you could use some extra H20. Now, don’t confuse lack of water with other skin conditions like eczema. If you have other skin conditions, it could be hard to recognize the signs of dehydration, especially if you’re applying lotions and creams. In this case, you would need to rely on other signs and symptoms.

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth can mean you’re in need of more water. This is a thick, sticky feeling that makes your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth. A glass of water can cure this right away, but normally when your mouth is severely dry you need more than a glass to get the right amount of fluids back into your body. Some medicines can also cause dry mouth, so be sure you know the difference. Either way, adding water is a benefit regardless of the cause.


If you suffer from frequent headaches you could be dehydrated. Lack of water causes the tissue in the brain to shrink. When this happens, the tissue contracts away from the skull. This causes the pain that you get in from a headache. Rehydrating will help this feeling go away in a couple of hours.

Headaches related to dehydration occur more often than not, but most people don’t treat themselves with water because they are unaware of the root cause of the pain.

Dark Urine

When you don’t have enough water in your body, your urine becomes very dark. This is one of the most dependable signs of dehydration, and the first thing that doctors will look at if low fluid levels are suspected. When you start to increase your water intake, the color of your urine will lighten up and eventually become clear, or very close to it. You can start to see this change immediately.

If you think you’re not getting enough water, look for these seven signs.  Maintaining the right amount of fluids in your body is essential to optimal health. Some people have trouble drinking water, but find that it’s easier when a bit of  flavor is added. You can do this easily with fruit, or a bit of fresh mint.


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