Can Hypnosis Help With Weight Loss?



Hypnosis has successfully been used to help people overcome phobias, to quit smoking, or to work through difficult memories – but weight loss?

It may sound too good to be true, but the science looks really promising. Here’s what you need to know about hypnosis, weight loss, and how the two can come together for better results.

Why Hypnosis?

One of the most important aspects of a successful weight loss plan is the formation of healthier habits. Since habits are the things we tend to fall back on, it really makes a difference if those habits are things like “going for a walk when stressed,” as opposed to “eating when stressed.”

One of the biggest benefits of hypnosis is its ability to gradually change your thinking so you can more easily and readily adopt these healthier habits. Hypnosis helps us overcome some of the mental barriers between us and healthier living. Perhaps you’re afraid to go to the gym – hypnosis can help you feel empowered. Perhaps you suffer from a lack of motivation – hypnosis can help keep you feeling confident and energized. Perhaps you tend to binge eat at night – hypnosis can help you address the underlying reason, and overcome that unhealthy habit.

What Hypnosis is (and What it Isn’t)

Hypnosis works by getting the subject into a calm and receptive state where they can observe themselves and their emotions objectively. Believe it or not, you probably already put yourself into a trance several times a day. Ever caught yourself staring off into space? There’s your trance. Hypnosis simply takes that natural state and turns it into a positive and productive thing.

What hypnosis can’t do is force the subject to do something they otherwise wouldn’t do. You can’t be hypnotized to hurt or embarrass yourself for instance. You’re open to suggestion when in a hypnotic state, but you don’t become a slave to your hypnotist’s whims.

Hypnosis also isn’t the party trick it’s often portrayed as in pop culture. There won’t be any clucking like a chicken in front of an audience. Instead, it’s much closer to meditation and mindfulness. When under hypnosis, you’re more relaxed and less stressed, meaning you can focus on yourself in a meaningful way.

Are There Drawbacks?

In some cases, hypnosis might be expensive. One on one hypnosis sessions can cost hundreds of dollars, so that puts it out of reach for many people.

However, there are alternatives which are much more affordable. Group hypnosis sessions tend to cost much less than individual sessions. There are also pre-recorded hypnosis sessions available which you can follow along with at home. There are even smartphone apps designed to offer hypnosis sessions on demand.

One other drawback (which isn’t a true drawback) is that this isn’t a quick fix. Don’t expect to drop 50 pounds in two months, or anything else drastic like that. The concept behind hypnosis is that you will begin developing long-term healthy habits which will make your weight loss efforts of eating right and exercising easier to stick with.

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So, Does it Work?

It really seems like it does! Some studies show that women who underwent hypnosis lost significantly more weight than women who were simply watching what they ate.

Remember there is also a lot of inherent value in taking some time to focus on yourself. In this way, hypnosis begins to serve multiple functions like self-care, stress relief, and improved weight loss results.

So, if you feel like your bad habits are your worst enemy in the weight loss battle, try hypnosis. You just might have the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.


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