Energy Drinks – Why You Should Avoid Them


We all find ourselves in those predicaments where our minds and bodies are giving out but our lives just have to keep going. You desperately need a quick pick me up and a regular cup of joe just ain’t gonna cut it. Most people would go to the nearest convenience store and grab an energy drink, thinking it will help them survive the rest of the day. Although it may help them in the short run, energy drinks will cause some unhappy after effects.

The Startling After Effects of Energy Drinks

A recent study looked at what actually happens to your body after you consume an energy drink. The results are pretty astounding. It turns out that energy drinks actually have a pretty short lived effect on your energy and regular consumption can leave behind a cloud of disastrous health issues.

About 15 minutes after consuming an energy drink, the caffeine and sugar begins to be absorbed into your blood and you’ll feel great. You’ll experience increased focus, energy, and concentration. But it doesn’t last long. About 30-45 minutes later, you’ll lose your energy and start to crash.

A strain on your body

To process the high sugar and caffeine levels from that energy drink, your liver has to work overtime, meaning it won’t be as efficient in its usual role of removing other toxins from your body, which could lead to other illnesses. All that caffeine raises your blood pressure, causing excess strain to your heart, kidneys, and blood vessels, increasing your chances of future heart problems. And all that sugar raises your blood glucose levels too. Your pancreas responds to a rise in blood glucose by releasing insulin. When it has to do this too much, you risk developing type 2 diabetes, not to mention gaining extra weight around your middle.

A dangerous addiction

Ultimately, your body won’t be able to balance itself out to produce its own healthy energy levels and you’ll find yourself beginning to rely on energy drinks like an addiction. When you regularly resort to energy drinks your body becomes immune to that regular dose of caffeine and you won’t feel a bit of perkiness from your regular morning coffee. So you might just go ahead and drink another cup of coffee, and before you know it, your daily caffeine intake has increased greatly. And that isn’t good for your health. Not only that, but if you’ve you’ve been drinking too much coffee and then try to cut back, withdrawals can include constipation, headaches, and irritability.

Energy drinks may seem like they’ll help you in an emergency, but you’ll be paying for them later. Once the caffeine and sugar rush has faded, you’ll only feel worse than you did before you reached for that can.

A Better Alternative

Obviously, there is a reason you reached for that energy drink in the first place. You have a lack of energy and you need a way to fix it. The best way to address your lack of energy is finding out what caused it in the first place. Being tired and sluggish is usually caused by bad habits that can be easily changed.


Your Diet: Eating an unhealthy diet full of refined carbs, sugar, and grease can seriously drain your body of it’s natural energy and zeal. To increase your energy make sure you are getting enough protein and vitamin filled fruits and veggies. Drinking enough water will also deter tiredness from dehydration.


Your Sleep: With so much to do and not enough hours in the day, our responsibilities may keep us up into the small hours. This will obviously make you tired the next day. Try to cut down on the time you spend doing non essential tasks like watching TV or browsing social networking in order to get what needs to be done during the day so you can have a full night’s sleep.


Your Attitude: If you are a worrier or need things to be perfect all the time, this can be exhausting. Stress will sap your energy faster than any exercise you can do. Find a way to be at peace with what you can’t control and do the best with what you can. Find a hobby or meditation routine to help alleviate stress and re-energize your body and mind.


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