How to Get back on the Diet and Fitness Wagon


If you’ve fallen off the wagon already with your New Year’s diet and fitness goals, you’re not alone. Most people don’t make it through the whole month of January, let alone the first quarter of the year. But don’t count yourself out just yet. Falling off the wagon doesn’t mean you can’t get back on a new one. Here are a few tips to get you back on track to achieving your diet and fitness goals.

Review and Revise Your Goals

The first thing you’ll need to do to get back on track with your diet and fitness plans is to go back over the goals that you originally set. Often, people find that they were unrealistic about what they wanted to achieve, and that made it harder to keep on track and monitor everything. Look for benchmarks and goals that you can improve on by making them more realistic. For example, you probably won’t wake up every day and run five miles before work, but you may find it much easier to run a mile throughout the day.

Set Daily and Weekly Reminders to Check Your Progress

After you’ve reset your goals, you’re not off the hook just yet. You’ll need to regularly check up on yourself to see where you are and how you can improve. Don’t try to do this from memory, as life gets in the way and you will probably forget. Instead, set reminders for monthly and weekly check-ups on your progress. You can do this manually, or use an app.

Get an Accountability Partner

It’s one thing to tell yourself you’re going to change your ways and get back on track, but it’s totally different when you tell someone else. That person is going to genuinely believe you, and expect to see some results. When you know you’re prone to slacking off, an accountability partner is the best way to go.

Tell this person exactly what you plan to do, and keep them in the loop at least once per week. Just make sure the person is genuinely interested in your well being, so that they will be concerned when you don’t meet your goals. There’s no point in having an accountability partner if they don’t even notice when you’ve gotten off track.

Make Sure You Meal Prep

Planning and preparing your meals ahead of time can be a tremendous help when you’re trying to be healthy and lose weight. There are tons of meal prep containers that you can purchase that have compartments for side dishes, and most of them are reusable and stackable (meaning they don’t take up too much cabinet space.) Doing this also allows you to plan new meals and makes your whole diet and lifestyle change more exciting,challenging, and convenient.

Join a Group Workout

If walking alone on your treadmill pretty much sums up your fitness plans, then you may be setting yourself up for failure. Many people find that they enjoy working out with a group much more than going solo. With a group, you have loads of positive energy to feed off of, and you’re surrounded by like minded people who can help you when you’re not doing well. You’re less likely to fail in a group then you would working out alone.

Reward Yourself

When you do reach those weekly and monthly goals, reward yourself (and not with food!) After you’ve lost five pounds, buy yourself a new dress or book the afternoon off from work. Your rewards could be simple, or as extravagant as taking a luxurious trip. Whatever you decide, just remember to give yourself a pat on the back every once in awhile. Changing your diet and fitness habits isn’t an easy thing to do, and you should be rewarded for being diligent. Who better to reward you than you.

Getting back on track with your diet and fitness goals doesn’t have to be hard. Don’t beat yourself up about falling off the wagon. Reevaluate your goals, plan ahead, and get going. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, and remember to reward yourself in the process.


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