Which Is the Best Whey Protein Powder for You?


Whey protein powder is a nutritional supplement designed for muscle gain. It’s made from cow’s milk and is considered the most nutritious protein available. There are three different kinds of whey protein; concentrate, isolate and blends. Whey protein is a complete protein meaning that is has all the essential and nonessential amino acids that the body needs to repair cells, muscles, and bones, and maintain the body’s energy and metabolism, including immunoglobulins, beta-lactoglobulins, and glycomacropeptides.

How much protein do you need and which is right for you? To answer this, you need to ask, what makes you unique?

Are you an aspiring bodybuilder regularly pumping massive iron? You need more protein than anyone else. You should find a powder with the highest amount of pure whey protein and little of anything else. Try to find the purest form of protein; whey isolate.

Whey Protein Isolate

This is the purest form of whey protein available. It usually has very little carbohydrates and sugars added to the powder and can be anywhere between 90-98% protein. This protein powder should be used immediately after a workout because it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, helping to repair and grow the muscles you have just stressed. Whey isolate is much more expensive than any other type of protein because of its purity and biological value.

How much you are willing to spend depends on your own personal choices but be aware that you will be forking over a good amount of cash. Make sure you choose one with plenty of protein, anywhere from 25-40 grams. For a top quality whey protein isolate, try 612 Protein.

Are you a skinny guy looking to gain some pounds and muscle? Do you regularly go to the gym but aren’t in it professionally? A blend would be good for you. You’ll be supplied with a steady stream of protein all day to help you gain muscle.

Whey Protein Blend

There are many different kinds of blends; the majority being mostly whey protein concentrate with a dash of whey protein isolate. This can be taken in the morning, after or before a workout, and at night. Your body will receive a constant stream of protein to help you build and repair muscle morning, noon, and night.

Plus, many of these blends can act as meal replacement or weight gainers, giving your body plenty of calories with which to bulk up. They also contain plenty of vitamins and nutrients. These types of powders are a close second to the whey protein isolates in price but still cheaper. Try High Grade Whey Protein 80 for a good slow release protein powder to help support your goals.

Are you just looking to tone up and decrease your body fat percentage without much muscle growth? The abundant Whey Protein Concentrate will do the trick.

Whey Protein Concentrate

This protein powder is the easiest and cheapest to find. It’s mostly just whey protein concentrate with very little if any whey protein isolate. This still delivers protein to the body to help produce lean muscle mass and burn body fat but it isn’t as easily absorbed into the body to increase the size of the muscle.

Make sure you find one with moderate calories and plenty of protein, at least 20 grams per serving. A good choice would be any fat-free whey protein.


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