Zinc (15mg)


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Maintains perfect balance of the body’s testosterone level in the blood
Keep bones strong including, hair, skin, teeth, nails and helps your vision
Assists in the male reproductive system, allowing the formation of healthy sperm
Overall wellbeing, reducing the severity of common ailments

An element used for many thousands of years as a solid substance to being configured as an essential food supplement. Humans are said to require at least 11mg of zinc on a daily basis Zinc is highly recommended to avoid many everyday common illnesses and contributes to protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Our body requires a steady amount of zinc on a daily basis to create an overall wellbeing. Unfortunately we do not naturally store this which is often the cause of zinc deficiency that can be detrimental to our health which could be easily avoided by ensuring that you are absorbing the recommended amount of zinc that is essential for healthy bones, teeth, nails and not forgetting hair and skin. Zinc also produces some white blood cell types which are essential for fighting infections.


Q. Are you craving saltier, sweeter food?

A. Craving saltier sweeter food is a sure sign that your body is low in zinc, buy supplementing each day with a zinc supplement you will be easily able to kerb this craving

Q. Are you worried about your immune system and infection?

A. Zinc affects cell activities. Zinc deficiency can cause reduced or weakened antibodies and compromise the immune system.

Q. Is your body receiving enough zinc?

A. Severe deficiency of Zinc can cause:

• Night blindness

• Impaired taste and smell

• Impaired would healing



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    Dicalcium Phosphate. Microcrystalline Cellulose, Zinc (providing 15mg of Elemental Zinc), Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate.

    Take 1 tablet per day with food or a drink.


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